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2019 Arnold Strongman Classic Qualifier

Published on January 30, 2019

Arnold Schwarzenegger came to the Santa Monica Pier with some of the world’s strongest men for the qualifier for the 2019 Arnold Strongman Classic. This was the first time the qualifier has taken place on the Santa Monica Pier and was considered a huge success, raising over $75,000 for California firefighter funds.

The Arnold Strongman Classic is an annual competition featuring strength athletes from all over the world. Created by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jim Lorimer, it is an offshoot of the Arnold Sports Festival which takes place annually in Columbus, OH. Instead of focusing on endurance, speed and athleticism like the World’s Strongest Man, the competition is geared toward the heaviest instruments in the world to find out who truly is the strongest man.

Arnold Strongman Competition on the Santa Monica Pier

In addition to ten of the world’s strongest powerlifters competing against each other, firefighters from around the state had their own version of the strongman events to find “The World’s Strongest Firefighter.” The competitors were cheered on and encouraged by the seven-time Mr. Olympia winner himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Spectators enjoyed several other celebrity sightings, such as Sofia Vergara and husband Joe Manganiello, along with watching the powerlifters beat incredible feats such as deadlifting 950 pounds and pulling an antique firetruck down the Pier deck. Read more about the day’s festivities in The Argonaut.



Insert photo courtesy of @boymompeacock, feature photo courtesy of @chorizobreakfastburrito.