Experience our twelve thrilling rides at Pacific Park® on the Santa Monica Pier!

Rides on the Santa Monica Pier
Ferris Wheel on the Santa Monica Pier

Pacific Wheel

The world’s only solar-powered Ferris wheel gives visitors a panoramic view of the Southern California coastline from more than 130 feet above the Santa Monica Pier. Measuring 85 feet, the wheel moves at 2.5 revolutions per minute with intermittent stops to pick up passengers. Features more than 174,000 energy-efficient LED lights that display dynamic, eye-popping computer-generated lighting entertainment in the evenings.

Height Requirement: 42” or under 42″ with adult

West Coaster on the Santa Monica Pier

West Coaster

The only West Coast, oceanfront, steel roller coaster located on a Pier over the Pacific Coastline. Ocean sprays breeze by riders as they escalate to a height of 55 feet. The coaster provides spectacular views of Santa Monica Bay and the Pacific Ocean as it trails from one end of the Park to the other at 35 mph.

Height Requirement: 42”

Shark Frenzy

Shark Frenzy takes a new spin on a classic ride. Sit in the mouth of one of seven different species of sharks like the tiger or white shark and twirl around the track.

Height Requirement to ride alone: 48”
With Chaperone: 36”

Sea Dragon

A swinging wooden ship with two lifelike dragon heads make passengers feel as if they’re caught in the turbulent seas with the scariest of serpents. Ship moves back and forth in a 180-degree arc.

Height Requirement to ride alone: 48”
With Chaperone: 36”

scrambler santa monica pier ride

Inkie’s Scrambler

Inkie’s Scrambler is a 12-car fast-paced swirling ride that takes riders on a series of roundabout moves and sidesplitting rotations at a speed of more than 11 revolutions per minute. Inkie’s Scrambler, a family fun ride for both parents and children alike, accommodates up to three riders per car.

Height Requirement to ride alone: 48″
With Chaperone: 36”

Pacific Plunge on the Santa Monica Pier

Pacific Plunge

Pacific Plunge is a 44 foot exhilarating tower ride that leaves riders feeling weightless while providing a breathtaking view of the Pacific. The ride features two, 5-seat gondolas that lift riders 90 feet over the Santa Monica Bay before being rendered in a state of momentary flight.

Height Requirement to ride alone: 42”
With Chaperone: 38”

Sig Alert EV

These are not your parents’ bumper cars… but they are welcome to hitch a ride in the Sig Alert EV (electric vehicles) that spin 360 degrees and feature a dual joy stick lever control allowing for full turns right, left, front and back for easy maneuvering. The futuristic cars are equipped with neoprene covered bumper tubes that safely absorb the shock of bumping while providing a hover-like ride. Unique to these cars is the protective high back headrest that is the ultimate in safety and style.

Height Requirement for Big Cars: 44”
Little Cars: Age 3-9

Seaside Swing on the Santa Monica Pier

Seaside Swing

A more calming approach to a day at the beach is a leisurely family ride on Pacific Park’s new “Seaside Swing.” The relaxing, bench-like swing provides panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean from Palos Verdes Peninsula to the Santa Monica Mountains. The Seaside Swing seats up to 16 guests, sways in a 45-degree arc and is highlighted by vibrant colors and a beach motif.

Height Requirement to ride: 36”
Max height is 73”

Frog Hopper

Springs young riders straight up and down to heights of over 18 feet; providing a feeling of weightlessness and excitement. Holds up to seven passengers and adults can tag along on this one!

Height Requirement: 36”

Sea Planes at the Santa Monica Pier

Sea Planes

Off they go into the wild blue yonder… families will be flying high together in Sea Planes as they control the height and speed of ascent of the plane while flying above the pier decking. Brightly colored Crop Duster-style planes take off with up to four children and adults safely and comfortably seated for the family flight.

Height Requirement to ride alone: 36”
No height requirement with Chaperone

Inkie’s Wave Jumper

Catch a wave family-style on this pier-top surf ride that rotates in a clockwise motion while riders ‘jump’ up and down, and bounce around, just like riding a wave. Inkie’s Wave Jumper can seat up to 24 children or a combination of 12 children and six adults per ride and has a maximum revolving speed of 6 rpm.

Height Requirement to ride alone: 36”
No height requirement with Chaperone

Inkie's Air Lift Ride at Pacific Park

Inkie’s Air Lift

Three, Two, One… families lift off for fun with Inkie’s Air Lift featuring the combined movements of a tea cup ride and a hot air balloon race. Riders can rotate the car while the balloon rises up and down. Outlined with flashing lights and outfitted in bold rainbow colors, Inkie’s Air Lift seats children and adults in the eight hot-air balloon-like cars.

Height Requirement to ride alone: 36”
No height requirement with Chaperone