Frequently Asked Questions

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Planning Your Visit

What is the weather like?

Like all of Southern California, Santa Monica is famous for year-round mild and mostly sunny weather.

Are there other things to see and do near Pacific Park?

Pacific Park is located on the historic Santa Monica Pier in the heart of beautiful Santa Monica, California. The Park is within easy walking distance to many of Santa Monica’s favorite sites.

Is there food available in Pacific Park?

Pacific Park offers a wide range of food options in our ocean-view food court.  For a complete listing of our food outlets, click here.

How much time should I plan to spend at Pacific Park?

The time you spend at Pacific Park will vary depending on the number of activities you choose to enjoy. Guests typically spend 2 to 3 hours enjoying Pacific Park.

Where can I park, and how much does parking cost?

There are several options for parking at the Santa Monica Pier. All lots on and around the Pier are owned by the City of Santa Monica. Rates vary by season and lot, and range from $3 an hour to $15 for a day for passenger cars. Bus and large vehicle parking is available at Lot 1 North. Bus parking is 6x the daily car rate. Read about the lots and alternate parking options at

What are the operating hours?

Pacific Park is open 365 days a year weather permitting. The Park’s operating hours vary by season and may change due to inclement weather or special events. Prior to visiting, be sure to check the current operating hours at or by calling 310-260-8744.

Where is Pacific Park located?

Pacific Park is located on the historic Santa Monica Pier at 380 Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, CA.

Where can I get a map or brochure for Pacific Park?

We are committed to being a “green” pier as is evident with the World’s Only Solar-Powered Ferris Wheel and ongoing upgrades to make the Park as ecologically efficient as possible. In that effort, we decided to forego printed maps with a digital-only solution. You can see our map now at

Pricing and Admissions

Can I buy gift certificates for Pacific Park?

At this time, Pacific Park is not offering gift cards or gift certificates. If you are interested in purchasing ride passes for someone else, you have two options:

  1. Purchase Unlimited Ride wristbands at
    Tickets purchased online are valid for 180 days. Tickets are delivered as a bar-coded PDF that can be emailed or printed and given to the gift recipient.
  2. Purchase Unlimited Ride Wristband Cards or Ride Tickets at the Park
    We do not have an option to mail these types of physical tickets, but our ticket booth can sell tickets that can be redeemed for a wristband at a later date.

Does Pacific Park offer a Travel Agent discount?

The Park does not offer travel agent discounts at the ticket booths.  Travel agents and tour operators interested in group pricing and special discounts should contact our group sales department at or by calling (310) 260-8744.

Is there a discount for senior citizens?

At this time, Pacific Park does not offer a discount for AARP members or senior citizens.

Do you offer discounts to military personnel and families?

Pacific Park offers a discount on wristband purchases to all active duty military personnel and immediate family members accompanying them. Please present a valid United State Military ID card at the ticket booth to receive this discount. This offer is not available online.

Is there a discount for AAA/CAA members?

Pacific Park is currently not participating in any discounts or promotions, including the AAA/CAA Show and Save program.

Does the Park offer group discounts?

Pacific Park offers a variety of discounts to groups of 15 or more guests. Click here to learn more.

Does Pacific Park accept traveler’s checks?

Unfortunately, Pacific Park no longer accepts traveler’s checks. For your convenience, ATM’s are located throughout the Park.

What is Pacific Park’s refund policy?

Pacific Park has a no refund policy. Individual ride cards and game play cards do not expire and can be used during any future visit to Pacific Park.

What if I have unused ride tickets?

Pacific Park individual ride tickets do not expire. Your unused ride tickets can be used during any future visit to Pacific Park.

What should I do if I can’t print my online tickets?

If you are unable to print the confirmation papers for your online tickets, please note your confirmation number and email address used for the purchase. Our ticket booth personnel can confirm your order using that number when you arrive at the Park. Please have a photo ID with you to confirm your purchase.

I’m having trouble with my online ticket order, what should I do?

For assistance with online ticket orders, please send an email to or call (310) 260-8744.

Can I buy my tickets online?

Yes, you can buy unlimited ride wristbands and more at our online store. Check our website regularly for web-only discounts or subscribe to The Loop and get email offers and discounts!

How do I use my promo code online?

If you have a promo code for an online purchase, simply enter the code at the bottom of the ticketing page in the “Enter Promo Code” box prior to selecting your items. The page will refresh with the options available for purchase with your code.

What forms of payment does Pacific Park accept?

Pacific Park accepts cash as well as all major credit cards – MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover – and popular e-payment methods including Apple Pay and Samsung Pay at all of our ticket booths, food outlets and gift shops.

What if I purchase an all-day wristband and it rains?

Rain showers seldom last for very long in Santa Monica. When inclement weather moves into the area, Pacific Park may close some rides based on weather and safety conditions. These closures are usually brief and the rides reopen when the weather clears up. Should the weather require a longer closure, Park management will assist guests with ticket and wristband questions at the guest services window of the main ticket booth next the Pacific Wheel.

How much does it cost to ride the rides?

Pacific Park offers both individual ride ticket and unlimited-ride options to enjoy our 12 exciting rides. There is no admission fee to enter the Park or Pier. Prices vary from ride to ride but generally range from $5-15 each. Ticket prices are subject to change without notice.

Do I need to pay to enter Pacific Park?

Pacific Park is LA’s only admission-free amusement park. There are no fees to enter the Park. Visitors who wish to ride our rides or play our games pay only for the rides and games they choose.

Park & Santa Monica Pier Information

Are drones allowed in Pacific Park?

Pacific Park has a No Drone policy as regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration. Please see regulations for further guidance.

Are there facilities for nursing mothers and diaper changes?

Diaper changing tables are provided in both men’s and women’s restrooms at Pacific Park. The Park does not have a specific facility for nursing mothers.

What should I do if someone in my family needs first aid?

Pacific Park security officers are trained to handle any minor first aid needs. In addition, the Los Angeles Harbor Patrol substation located on the Pier maintains a staff of trained emergency first aid personnel. If you or a family member needs assistance, please advise the nearest Pacific Park security officer or ask any uniformed employee to direct you to our administrative offices.

What is Pacific Park’s policy on alcoholic beverages?

No alcoholic beverages are allowed in Pacific Park. City of Santa Monica municipal code prohibits any alcoholic beverages on the Pier except beverages purchased and consumed within restaurants with the appropriate license to serve.

What should I do if I lose sight of my child?

Our uniformed security officers are trained to deal with lost children. If you lose sight of your child please advise the nearest Pacific Park security officer or ask any uniformed employee to direct you to our administrative offices.

Does Pacific Park have a dress code?

Pacific Park® does not have a formal dress code. Guests are encouraged to dress comfortably for the beach environment and weather forecast (don’t forget your sunscreen!).

Can I bring in my own food and beverages?

Pacific Park does not restrict food and beverage from entering the Park. However, we do limit the use of outside food and beverage in the food court and event areas.

Is the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf on the Santa Monica Pier kosher?

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf franchise on the Santa Monica Pier is a unique location in that it is located inside the Pacific Park amusement park. To provide a wider selection of pastries and desserts suitable for the Park’s extended operating hours, the management of the Santa Monica Pier Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has elected to carry menu items from vendors outside Coffee Bean’s corporate supply chain including some bottled beverages, gourmet donuts and other pastries. Not all of these additional menu items are sourced from kosher-certified kitchens, so this specific Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf location is no longer eligible for a kosher certification. The coffee, teas, and other Coffee Bean items are still sourced from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. This change only applies to items served from the non-refrigerated pastry case.

Are there automatic teller machines (ATM’s) available in Pacific Park?

There are a number of ATMs available at Pacific Park. If you need assistance finding one please ask a Team Member.

Are there lockers available?

Due to space constraints, Pacific Park is not able to provide lockers for guests. The closest lockers are located at The Bike Center in Downtown Santa Monica. Locker rentals vary from $10-$20 per day depending on luggage size. See more luggage storage options here.

Are pets allowed in Pacific Park?

Pets and other animals are not allowed to be inside Pacific Park. Only qualified service animals are allowed entry into the Park.

Does Pacific Park offer stroller and wheelchair rentals?

Due to space constraints, Pacific Park is not able to provide either wheelchair or stroller rentals.

What happens if it rains during my visit?

Rain showers seldom last for very long in Santa Monica. When inclement weather moves into the area, Pacific Park does close some rides based on weather and safety conditions. Generally weather closures last for a very short period of time. Should the weather require a longer closure, Park management will assist guests with ticket and wristband questions.

What is The Loop and how can I join it?

The Loop is Pacific Park’s email newsletter and is the best place to get information about upcoming events and special programming here on the world-famous Santa Monica Pier. We only send about an e-mail month and you can opt out/unsubscribe any time. Additionally, Loop subscribers get deals and discounts for rides, food, and other attractions. Sign up for the Loop today!

Is smoking permitted in Pacific Park? What about on the Pier?

Smoking and the use of vape pens or other electronic vaping devices is prohibited throughout Pacific Park. The Pier is over 100 years old and the deck is made from wood. Smoking is also prohibited in all areas of the Santa Monica Pier except for designated smoking areas located at the beach level.

How much does it cost to play the games?

Our fun-filled midway games range in cost from $3.00 to $8.00 per play depending on the game and level of play.

How many midway games does the Park have?

The Park has over a dozen challenging midway games to test your skill for a chance to win cool prizes! Game offerings may vary by season and some games be closed on the day of your visit.

How many rides does Pacific Park have?

Pacific Park offers 12 exciting amusement park rides including the world-famous Pacific Wheel, the world’s first solar-powered Ferris wheel. Parents can enjoy 6 family-share rides suitable for almost any rider. In addition, visitors can experience the Gyro Loop attraction for an additional charge.

Where can I read Pacific Park’s Code of Conduct?

Please read our Code of Conduct here. If you have any questions, e-mail or call (310) 260-8744.

What does “Limited Operations” mean?

During off-peak months, the Park sometimes goes into limited operation Monday-Thursdays, particularly earlier in the day. This decision is usually made on a day-by-day basis contingent on the weather and number of people in the Park. Limited operation can mean we will have a limited number of rides, games, or food outlets open, or that we will have parts of the Park closed completely. Typically, limited operation during this time of year means our family share rides and midway games will be in rotation and that we will have a limited number of food & beverage carts open. Our main dining options (Scoop Ice Cream and Treats, Beach Burger, and The Pacific Wheel Pizza Company) and marquee rides (Pacific Wheel, Sea Dragon, West Coaster) are typically unaffected by these types of rotational operations.

Where can I charge my phone?

There are no power outlets accessible to the public on the Pier. If dining inside Pier restaurants, you may be able to plug your phone or other electronic devices in there. Optionally, Pier Gear sells pre-charged power banks that you can take with you.

I have a parking issue / complaint?

All parking on and around the Santa Monica Pier is owned and operated by the City of Santa Monica. If you are having difficulty with an automated parking machine, use the call button on the machine to contact the parking operations center directly. For all other inquiries, the Parking office can be contacted at (310) 458-8295 or

Is fishing allowed at the Santa Monica Pier?

Yes – fishing is allowed on the Santa Monica Pier, but during this limited operational phase, guests planning to fish are encouraged to bring minimal fishing equipment. Large coolers, trolleys, hand carts, wagons, and all other large equipment are all discouraged as to allow room for other guests on the Pier to practice social distancing.

Where should I park if I have a mobility impairment?

Vehicles displaying handicapped license plates and hang tags are permitted to park at Lot 1 North at 1550 Appian Way (immediately north of the Pier) or Lot 1 South at 1640 Appian way (next to Hot Dog on a Stick).

I am a street performer or interested in being a street performer – where do I go for the lottery? Can I perform on the Santa Monica Pier?

During this limited operational phase street performers, artists, and musicians are limited as to where and when they can perform. To get a performer space, applicants must participate in a lottery held several times each day. The lottery is conducted next to the Merry-go-round building. For future requests for performance space and more information visit or call 310-458-8900.

Ride Information

I purchased a photograph at the Pacific Wheel and/or West Coaster. How can I redeem my picture online?

When you received your photo at the Pacific Park photo sales counter, you will receive a receipt. At the bottom of the receipt are instructions to retrieve your photo: Pictures can be redeemed at The unique code needed to download your picture will be located at the bottom of your receipt. This is NOT the 4-digit picture number; you need to enter the full numeric photo id. Please see the highlighted picture below.

If you are unable to locate your picture, lost your receipt, or need additional assistance, please contact our photo partner at

Please note that photos are only saved in the system for 14 days.

Can I bring my camera or video recorder on the rides?

Pacific Park does not restrict the use of cameras and video recorders for personal, non-commercial use. Due to safety restrictions, some cameras and/or video recorders may not be permitted on the rides.

Are there weight restrictions on the rides?

There are weight restrictions for our rides to ensure the safety and comfort of all guests. Below are the weight restrictions for each ride:

  • Pacific Wheel: 1,296 lbs. per gondola
  • West Coaster: 1,100 lbs. per coach; 5,500 lbs. in total
  • Shark Frenzy: 600 lbs. per shark; 4,200 lbs. in total
  • Sea Dragon: 680 lbs. per row: 6,800 lbs. in total
  • Inkie’s Scrambler: 510 lbs. per gondola; 6,120 lbs. in total
  • Pacific Plunge: 210 lbs. per seat; 1,297.5 lbs. in total
  • Sig Alert EV for Big Cars:275 lbs. per car
  • Sig Alert EV for Little Cars:150 lbs. per car
  • Seaside Swing:1,980 lbs. in total
  • Frog Hopper:100 lbs. per seat; 700 lbs. in total
  • Sea Planes:440 lbs. per plane; 2,600 lbs. in total
  • Inkie’s Wave Jumper:383 lbs. per boat; 2,290 lbs. in total
  • Inkie’s Air Lift: 440 lbs. per gondola; 3,520 lbs. in total

Is Pacific Park handicapped accessible?

Some rides at Pacific Park are designed to accommodate guests with mobility impairments. Please read our Guests with Disabilities for full information on handicapped accessibility.

Can I ride the Ferris wheel and other rides alone?

Single riders on gondola-style Ferris wheels like the Pacific Wheel are prohibited by the manufacturer’s guidelines. Pacific Park abides by all safety protocols issued by the State and ride manufacturers. There are no exceptions to these safety rules.

Guests can ask other park visitors if they would like to ride together. If a guest services associate is available, they can ride along with a guest, although this courtesy is best requested in advance at Most of the rides at Pacific Park® are available to single boarding guests.

Do parents need tickets or wristbands to ride with their small children?

Small children are able to safely ride a number of the rides in Pacific Park without an adult if they meet the minimum height requirement. Parents wishing to accompany their children on rides must have the appropriate tickets or wristband.

Are there rides for small children?

All of the rides at Pacific Park are family-friendly. There are 6 rides ideally suited for younger children located in the Park’s Kid’s Cove area. Specific ride access information is clearly posted at the entrance to each ride. Some rides have no minimum height requirement as long as the rider is with a ticketed chaperone of permissible height. All riders must be ticketed except the Pacific Wheel where riders under the age of 3 and accompanied by a ticketed adult are permitted. For all other rides, guests must be able to support themselves in a seated, upright position regardless of height or age.

Do the rides have height requirements?

To ensure the safety of all guests, Pacific Park enforces minimum and/or maximum height requirements on all of our rides. These requirements vary by ride and range between 36” and 48”, but some rides have minimum height requirement if the rider is accompanied by a ticketed chaperone. Height requirements for each ride are clearly posted at the entrance to each ride and at our ticket booths. The ride operator is certified to determine if riders meet the requirements to be on the ride safely.

Special Arrangements

How can I request a special color on the Pacific Wheel?

If you or your organization is interested in making arrangements for a special lighting of the Pacific Wheel, please request an application by contacting the Park. Please note that not all requests can be met and that the Park maintains a maximum number of nights each year for special lighting events.

Is commercial filming/photography permitted in Pacific Park?

Pacific Park is private property. Guests are free to photograph and video themselves enjoying the Park, but filming and photography for commercial purposes are prohibited without prior arrangements with the Park and Pier and, depending on the nature of the media or production, may require filming permits. Please contact us for more information about filming and professional photo shoots at the Santa Monica Pier.

I want to have a private party at Pacific Park, who should I contact?

Pacific Park is a great location for your next private party or company event. For detailed information, contact Senior Event Sales Manager, Kristin Wasiluk, at (310) 260-8744 Ext 258 or visit the Private Parties area on our website.

Does Pacific Park offer birthday party programs?

While Pacific Park no longer offers space for birthday parties, we do have special discount pricing for groups of 15 or more. Contact group sales to learn about the current rates and offers. For more information about celebrating a birthday at Pacific Park, visit birthdays at Pacific Park and the Santa Monica Pier.

Does Pacific Park offer or make donations to my school/camp/fundraiser/organization?

To submit a formal request for donations to your event or non-profit organization, please complete the online request form linked here: Pacific Park receives hundreds of donation requests annually and due to this high volume of inquiries, we cannot honor every request made. Eligibility for donations is weighted by time, proximity and alignment with Pacific Park’s core values as a safe, friendly, and affordable place for visitors and families.  We will review your request as submitted through the site above and provide a response within 2 business weeks.