Pacific Park Map

Pacific Park is two acres of the seven-acre Santa Monica Pier. The Park features a dozen amusement park rides, a midway lined with games of skill, and a seaside dining plaza with restaurants serving California classics and Pier originals.

Pacific Park is an ungated amusement park meaning you can enter the Park and check it out without paying an entrance fee. Rides, attractions, and games are all priced individually and tickets can be purchased online or at the ticket booths located by the east entrance behind Pier Burger or next to the base of the 130 foot-high Pacific Wheel.

pacific park map

Dining Plaza

  • Smashie’s Burger
  • Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
  • Dippin’ Dots
  • Cosmic Funnel Cakes
  • Mr. Nice Fry & eegee’s
  • Scoops Creamery
  • Wetzel’s Pretzels
  • Churrita Churros

Seaside Pavilion

  • Airstream Route 66 Gifts
  • Pier Gear Patio

Specialty Shopping

  • Route 66 Shop
  • Leather Treaty
  • Magnet Wall (Located in Area #4)

Kid’s Cove Area

  • Dippin’ Dots
  • ICEE Mix-It-Up Station
  • Popcornopolis
  • Hot Dog Cart
  • Cotton Candy Cart
  • Seaside Swing
  • Sig Alert EV
  • Inkie’s Wave Jumper

Exciting Rides

  • Pacific Wheel
  • West Coaster
  • Sea Dragon
  • Inkie’s Scrambler
  • Pacific Plunge
  • Gyro Loop (Attraction)

Fun Rides

  • Shark Frenzy
  • Frog Hopper
  • Sea Planes
  • Inkie’s Air Lift

Midway Games

  • Top Glow
  • Whac-A-Mole
  • Cat Rack
  • Riptide Ring Toss
  • Roll A Ball
  • Balloon Bust
  • Water Race
  • Beach Bash
  • Goblet Toss
  • Fire Ball Skeeball
  • Mini Hoops
  • Long Range Basketball
  • Starfish Water Race
  • Route 66 Racer