Inkie’s Scrambler

The Scrambler has 3 sets of 4 cars; each set spins on its own axis, while the three sets spin on a central hub, like an old-fashion egg scrambler. The Scrambler has gone by many names over the years, including The Twist in the United Kingdom and the Cha Cha in Australia. Whatever you call it, the Scrambler has been thrilling riders as far back as 1938. As one of the Park’s most nostalgic rides, the Scrambler spins inside the second helix of the West Coaster’s elevated steel track.

pacific park inkies scrambler

Fast Facts

The Scrambler debuted at Pacific Park in 2001 and was intended to only be a temporary ride offering, but due to the ride’s nostalgic appeal, it fast became one of the Park’s most loved rides and has found a long-time home inside the second helix of the West Coaster.

Height Requirement to ride alone: 48″
With Chaperone: 36”