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3 Things Every Southern Californian Must Do When Returning From Vacation

Published on November 3, 2018

Getting back to SoCal from a trip is a great feeling for most travelers. Whether you’ve been in Vegas for the weekend, New York for the week, or abroad for a month, the comforts of home are always a welcome sight for Southern Californians.

Whether you live near the mountains, in a downtown loft or a beach community, SoCal offers everything residents need to live like they’re on vacation full time! Year-round warm weather, events every night of the week, world famous restaurants and more – there is a reason why LA alone brings in nearly 50 million tourists per year!

Once getting back on Pacific Time, there are a few things that residents from Los Angeles to San Diego must do to really feel at home.

  1. Get Your Favorite Meal: Drive Thru In-N-Out Burger, Some Authentic Mexican, or Your Favorite Korean BBQ are all great options. Go ahead and treat it like your last meal on vacation and go big!
  2. Visit the Ocean: Need a reminder of how beautiful SoCal is? Pick your favorite beach from, or head for the Santa Monica Pier and take in the sights.
  3. Sit in Traffic: Yes, spending some time in bumper to bumper traffic might be one of the best reminder’s that you’re back in Southern California. Embrace it, and take advantage of all the reasons why so many others choose to vacation here.


Live Like You’re On Vacation

Getting back to SoCal can be a great reminder of how amazing this region really is. Take the time to get out and enjoy all that Southern California has to offer year-round! Get out weekly or monthly to try new restaurants, see new attractions and enjoy the warm weather. It will make you appreciate the area we live in even more the next time you get back from vacation.