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LA Beach Kites and Souvenirs

Published on November 25, 2017

LA Beach Kites and Souvenirs on the Santa Monica Pier sells fun, novelty kites you can fly while on the Santa Monica State Beach. When visiting the beach, you will see people flying kites on the beaches surrounding the Pier. There is a constant breeze, usually blowing gently eastward, at the beaches by the Pier. Flying a kite is a fun hobby and great way to pass the time while out on the sand.

You can buy a kite in Santa Monica at the LA Beach Kites retail cart. The kites you can purchase on the Pier include unique designs such as beautiful butterflies, turtles, and more fun shapes and sizes for kites. LA Beach Kites and Souvenirs also sells custom name key chains, die cast cars, fun toys, and magnets to take home.

With no kite-eating trees or low-hanging utility poles, the beach is one of the best and safest places to fly a kite. The gentle, salty breeze coming in from over the ocean will keep your fun, novelty kite gliding high up over the sand, and the Santa Monica Mountains provides a beautiful backdrop for your kite flying days. The Otis College of Art and Design holds its Annual Kite Festival at Santa Monica State Beach next to the Pier so you may be flying your kite next to some of the worlds most-loved kite designers.

LA Beach Kites and Souvenirs is open every weekend and daily during the summer. The Beach Kite cart is located on the Santa Monica Pier boardwalk, next to the North fishing platform.