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⚠️ Pacific Park will be CLOSING EARLY for a private event on Friday, December 9th, Tuesday, December 13th, and Wednesday, December 14th at 4:30 PM

🕐 Check our operating calendar before planning your visit.

📅 The Santa Monica Pier hosts events year-round so when planning your trip to Santa Monica or looking for things to do on the West Side of Los Angeles, be sure to check our calendar of events for Santa Monica.

Long Range

Located just inside the Park’s main entrance, Long Range is your chance to channel your inner Magic Johnson and put up 2-points to win a prize. When shooting, remember what your coach always taught you: add a slight bend to your knees while keeping your back straight.

Long range basketball game on the Santa Monica Pier

Fast Facts

Lots of NBA players have walked through the Park over the years and stepped up the Long Range.
This is your chance to take a shot where the great ones have once played!