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Capron & Rydel Take Engagement Photos on the Santa Monica Pier

Published on February 28, 2020

Youtubers Capron & Rydel had their first date at the Santa Monica Pier and went back to capture the romance for their engagement photos.

The couple run a YouTube page called Capron & Rydel, with nearly eighty thousand subscribers. In the video above, they wear elegant-white attire, explore Pacific Park and the Santa Monica Pier, and capture amazing photographs along the shore, with the beautiful waves and clouds as their backdrop.

Capron Funk is a professional scooter rider, who has his own YouTube channel, with nearly 270,000 subscribers. He posts gaming videos, stunts, skits, and more. Along with the channel made for he and his fiancé, he posts videos on his Funk Bros page, where he has over five million subscribers, and records along with his brother, who’s also a professional scooter rider. The brothers post vlogs, tricks, and all types of adventures.

Rydel Lynch has her own channel, as well. She’s gained 275,000 subscribers since her endeavors began on YouTube in 2016, and creates videos involving makeup, fashion, food, and loads of fun with her family. She’s also the founder of, where she sells trendy clothing and accessories.