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Create Family Memories During Spring Break on the Santa Monica Pier

Published on April 1, 2019

Everyone loves Spring Break, since it’s well…a break from work and school! Aside from getting some much needed rest and relaxation, something very special about Spring Break is the opportunity to create lasting memories with your family. The Santa Monica Pier has so much to offer, making it a wonderful place to spend time with family and build those magical moments you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Ferris Wheel at Sunset

Photo credit: @meppomuck


Pacific Park offers a day of family fun with their games, food, and rides. One of the most iconic attractions is the Pacific Wheel, where you can experience sweeping views of the ocean. Ride on Pacific Park’s Ferris wheel as a family when the sun is setting, and feel the ocean breeze along with the breathtaking scene of the sun setting over the ocean. It’s a site you’ll definitely treasure with your family!


Relax and Play at Shutters on the Beach

Shutters on the Beach, a lovely hotel on the sand just about 5 minutes away from the Santa Monica Pier is a lovely place to recharge with your family on Spring Break. Grab some cocktails for the parents, and some Shirley Temples for the kids while enjoying the beach views from Shutters. You can then easily enjoy some fun in the sand after grabbing lunch and drinks at this gorgeous Santa Monica hotel!


Santa Monica Pier Aquarium

Photo Credit: @mcr1photo

If you’re spending the day enjoying Pacific Park or the Santa Monica Pier area with your family, a great place to stop is the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium. The Aquarium, although small in size, has a lot to offer with octopuses, sharks, seahorses and much more on display. They offer presentations as well as touch tanks for an interactive experience. Plus, if you have a large family, this aquarium is very affordable to visit at just $5 per person ages 13 and up (12 and under are free).


Go on a Family Bike Ride

Near the Santa Monica Pier, you can find Perry’s Cafe, which not only offers delicious organic and locally-sourced food, but also has a variety of bikes for rent. You can rent adult and kids bikes, as well as tandem bikes to bike altogether as a family while you enjoy the sites of Santa Monica and ocean views! You can learn more about their items available for rent here.


Creating More Family Memories During Spring Break

Photo Credit: @fromthecameraofcharles

These are just some of the many ways you can have fun and create memories with your family during Spring Break at the Santa Monica Pier! You can add on to these ideas by playing games together at Pacific Park, riding the variety of rides (there’s some for any age!), and grabbing a delicious ice cream cone from Scoops Ice Cream and Treats to top off your day! We wish your family an amazing Spring Break, and can’t wait to see photos! Be sure to tag us @pacpark on Instagram so we can check them out.

Cover photo courtesy of @araweigel.