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Fonsi Abroad stops by the Santa Monica Pier on a California road trip

Published on January 7, 2021

Fonsi Abroad documents his California road trip, starting off at the Santa Monica Pier.

In Fall 2019, Alfonso Boada (a.k.a. Fonsi) started a road trip up the California coast. He spent his first day at the Santa Monica Pier, going on the rides in Pacific Park, and walking along the Santa Monica Beach. Fonsi has a blog, Instagram, and Youtube channel that show his travels around the world. Watch his visit to the Santa Monica Pier below!

Fonsi’s love for traveling abroad started when his grandmother told him to always travel and create great memories that will be his legacy. Originally from Spain, Fonsi began taking trips with a close group of friends and had an amazing time sharing meaningful moments with them away from home. He studied Marketing and PR in school which gave him a good background for blogging and social media marketing. Now, Fonsi travels the world (he traveled for three years straight!), documents his experiences, and shares it with others to give tips on each destination.

To check out more of Fonsi’s travels and tips, subscribe to his Youtube channel, check out his blog, and follow him on Instagram.

Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier is one of the most filmed entertainment destinations in the world. Every week, over a hundred new YouTube videos are posted featuring the Park, Pier and surrounding beaches. If you see a great YouTube video from the Pier you think we’d like, drop us a line and we’ll post here for others to enjoy.