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Fun Places to go in Santa Monica for the Entire Family

Published on August 29, 2019

Blogger Keke Dixon of Free and For Me escaped the heat of the valley recently and took a trip to Pacific Park. Hear about some of their adventures below:

This summer as been HOT!  As the temperature reached triple digits in the valley, my family decided to spend the day at Pacific Park – Amusement Park on Santa Monica Pier.  One of the best fun places to go in Santa Monica.

As soon as we got out of the car we immediately realized we had made the perfect decision.   The cool, ocean breeze was close to 15-20 degrees cooler than it was in our city.  We had gone from feeling like we were melting to feeling comfortable and relaxed.  We were ready to have some fun!

As we enjoyed the comfortable weather of 78 degrees we played games, ate, and rode rides.

Before we rode any of the rides we ate.   Pacific Park has a selection of restaurants to choose from.  We each got something from Beach Burger, Pacific Wheel Pizza, and Whac-a-mole Tacos.

We visited Pacific Park last summer and my son was disappointed that he did not get to play any games. This year he was determined to play and win. The first game played was Water Race. He was surprised when he won. He later won again playing Cat Rack. His winning streak did not last long. He played a few more games and he was done.

Not winning at all of the games was fine with us.  We each had unlimited ride wristbands and we were able to ride the Santa Monica Pier rides until we were exhausted of riding.

We rode almost every ride in the park.   Some of us rode them a few times.

Some of our favorite Pacific Park rides are:

  • Sea Dragon
  • Inkie’s Scrambler
  • West Coaster – We always try to be camera ready on this ride.
  • Pacific Wheel
  • Shark Frenzy
  • Pacific Plunge

We spent a little over five hours at Pacific Park.  After a day of fun, food, and unlimited rides, we were exhausted.



You can read the entire post on Keke’s blog here. We’re glad they had a good time!

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