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Gender Reveal Ideas at the Santa Monica Pier

Published on October 11, 2019

If you are looking for fun ways to share with your loved ones whether you’re expecting a boy or a girl, or maybe you just want an amazing Instagram-worthy photo revealing the gender of your baby, there’s some pretty creative ways you can have a gender reveal at the Santa Monica Pier! Here are four ways to have a gender reveal at Santa Monica Pier:

Gender Reveal Photos on the Santa Monica Pier

Pacific Park sells cotton candy in both pink and blue. Have a fun photo shoot with a set of photos with the parents sharing both. Your final gender reveal photo with the color to show if it’s a boy or girl can be sent once you’re ready to make the announcement. Some beautiful backdrops for this would be Pacific Wheel or the Santa Monica Pier Carousel! No filming permit is required for personal photos taken with consumer grade cameras and no special equipment (think big lights, bounce boards, and tripods). It’s no wonder the Pier is the most Instagrammed location in Los Angeles with its endless blue skies, brightly colored buildings and fun backdrops.

Treasure Hunt in the Sand

Create a memorable moment for your loved ones by bringing them to the beach in Santa Monica for a treasure hunt in the sand! Create treasure maps or a list of clues to help your guests find it! You can visit a local florist, such as Edelweiss Flower Boutique, and hide a pink or blue bouquet in the sand. Then once the flowers are found revealing the gender, you can take photos on the beach wearing leis made in pink or blue to share with those who couldn’t make it to the treasure hunt.

Gender Reveal Cake on the Beach

If you’re wanting an intimate get together with a few loved ones, you can put together a beach picnic in Santa Monica with the Pier as the backdrop. For your Pinterest-worthy beach picnic, you can order a gender reveal cake at a bakery in Santa Monica, such as Sweet Lady Jane or Lady C Cakes. Santa Monica’s expansive sandy beaches are often ranked amongst the best in the world. There are acres of sand on which you can gather with your family to soak in the natural surroundings of the crashing waves. When picking your spot on the sand, be sure to check out our parking tips and tricks.

Gender Reveal Lights on the Ferris Wheel

At Atlanta’s Centennial Olympic Park, the Skyview observation wheel rises over downtown. In 2017, the Skyview began offering a Pink and Blue gender reveal lighting along with rental of their event space for gender reveal parties. Since that time, Pacific Park has received dozens of requests to light the wheel pink and blue for gender reveals.


The Pacific Wheel’s state-of-the-art lighting system displays nightly light programs to entertain the thousands of guests who visit the Pier and beach every night. Thousands more enjoy seeing the Wheel’s nightly animations on local news broadcasts and on the Park’s live video streams. Even before these requests for gender reveal lights, the Park was receiving hundreds of requests to light the Ferris wheel one color or another for various causes and campaigns. Due to the large volume of requests, the Park no longer offers pro bono wheel lightings, but does allow special lightings of the Ferris wheel if it is part of a sponsorship, partnership or special event. Read more about the park’s event services and spaces, including the 1,600 sq ft Seaside Pavilion, and information about hosting an event at Pacific Park here.


Photo credit: @efremlamesta