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Happiness’ Chao Chao Music Video on the Santa Monica Pier

Published on August 19, 2019

Japanese pop vocal and dance group, Happiness, filmed their most recent music video for their new single Chao Chao at Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier. The all-female group took over the Park one evening and shot overnight to get their scenes, which made it look like they snuck into the closed amusement park, turned on the power to the rides and games and danced their way through them.

Check out the music video for Chao Chao below!

The girls also filmed in Los Angeles’s historic Bradbury Building, dancing in the stairs and railways, where movies such as Blade Runner and 500 Days of Summer were shot. Happiness formed in 2008 and Chao Chao will be their 13th single. Read more about Happiness and their music video on New School Kaidan’s blog here.


Happiness isn’t the only group to film their music video at the Santa Monica Pier. Other recent shoots include Chris Brown’s video for Undecided and JoJo’s It’s Time to Celebrate . The amusement park is always a popular choice for film shoots, as it’s iconic location, fun neon lights, and rides and games make for a great background. Pacific Park has been featured in over 500 television shows, movies, commercials, editorials and more.

Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier is ideal for filming fun, family enjoyment with its sweeping ocean views, bright colors, and energetic outdoor amusement park setting. Pacific Park’s office of events and filming is available to meet all production needs and can assist with the various permitting requirements including those required by The City of Santa Monica and Film LA.

Pacific Park frequently serves as the backdrop for popular entertainment productions including television shows such as Modern Family, American Idol, Lucifer and New Girl; feature films such as Iron Man 2 and Pacific Rim; television commercials for the NFL, Honda, Nike and Xbox; and music videos for Keith Urban and Maroon 5.

For more information on filming at the Santa Monica Pier, read here.