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How To Five Two Stops by the Santa Monica Pier

Published on March 11, 2020

You don’t always remember what you got, but you never forget what you did. That is Lwany’s premise for her ‘When NOT to shop’ YouTube video at the Santa Monica Pier.

Lwany is the founder of How To Five Two, a petite style project. She regularly encourages fashionistas (of all sizes) to consume less and make the most of what they’ve got. The fun and free spirit of this video reflect what “less is more” is all about. Considering Pacific Park’s rides and games, there is no better backdrop for Lwany to offer alternatives to our over-consumerism tendencies. After all, the science showing that experiences bring people more happiness than possessions is abundant!

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Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier is one of the most filmed entertainment destinations in the world. Every week, over a hundred new YouTube videos are posted featuring the Park, Pier and surrounding beaches. If you see a great YouTube video from the Pier you think we’d like, drop us a line and we’ll post here for others to enjoy.