Event Marketer’s Marketing Resource Directory Lists Pacific Park as Unique Outdoor Venue

Pacific Park Event Space on the Santa Monica Pier
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Last month, Pacific Park was featured as a unique outdoor party venue. From the Marketing Resource Directory:


There was a time not long ago when folks actually believed that a hotel ballroom was the best or only perfect venue for large parties. Thank goodness that ill-conceived notion has been debunked and the doors have been flung open for events of all kinds to be held in all sorts of spaces. In fabulous Southern California, almost all the most wonderful things happen outside, especially parties, weddings, bat or bar mitzvahs, Quinceañeras, birthdays, anniversaries, really festivities and shindigs of all kinds. As chance and hard work would have it, the Gold Coast is home to the world-famous Santa Monica Pier which is unquestionably one of the best outdoor event locations that ever there was.


You probably hope 2500 people do not actually show up for your event, because that’s kind of a lot, but on the off chance that your entire company or absurdly large family or group of friends all show up for you on your special day, the Pier is the perfect place to comfortably accommodate every last one of them without even breaking a sweat. A versatile location equipped to gracefully accommodate enormous groups of people, the Pier has on site restaurants, food vendors, and snack options galore. There is no need to worry about a thing when booking at the Santa Monica Pier- there is parking on parking on parking as well as convenient public transit options to meet the needs of your group. The Pier is also the perfect location for family-friendly fun or an adults-only affair, and is perfectly appropriate for both black tie formal events as well as casual parties.

Making sure your party is fun for a few people is challenging, and making sure a couple thousand people are all enjoying themselves is next to impossible, so place your event in the hands of professionals and let them entertain you. Roller coasters soar above the churning sea for an unforgettable experience unlike any other, and the world renown Ferris Wheel offers breathtaking views of the fabulous California coast and city of Santa Monica. Carnival games testing a variety of visitors’ skills ranging from strength and balance to special relation and throwing skills are available for guests to enjoy. Competitors and onlookers alike are sure to be thoroughly entertained by the games in Pacific Park during your masterfully curated event. Street performers with talents in a wide array frequent the Pier with their instruments, tap shoes, deck of cards, or other implements an a near daily basis, and if you choose to leave parts of the pier open to the public during your event, your guests will be treated to visual and auditory gifts from the community which even we cannot predict. Simple pleasures are sometimes by far the most satisfying, and even if your guests find themselves simply standing on the end of the pier together recreating scenes from titanic, which happens to have been filmed (in part) at the pier, they are sure to have an absolutely spectacular time at your event.

Read more about Pacific Park’s events in The Marketing Resource Directory.


Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier has been a favorite event location and unique party venue for corporate events, company picnics, wrap parties, movie premiers, sales incentives for over 20 years. The Seaside Pavilion, which opened in 2015, offers spectacular views of Malibu, the Pacific Ocean and Catalina Island, and can accommodate up to 300 guests reception style in the 3,600 sq ft space. For larger events, the entire Park can be rented exclusively for up to 2,000 guests. Custom event packages and catering are available including specialty menus, traditional theme park fare with bar packages all topped off by an experienced culinary team and a beautiful ocean setting. Learn more about Pacific Park’s event services at pacpark.com/events.

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