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Pacific Wheel Lit Bright Orange for Santa Monica Bitcoin Office

Published on July 10, 2024

On behalf of the city of Santa Monica, the Pacific Wheel will be lit bright orange tonight (Wednesday, July 10) to acknowledge last night’s announcement of a  Santa Monica Bitcoin Office.

In an initiative led by Santa Monica Vice Mayor Lana Negrete, Santa Monica has unanimously voted to pilot a Bitcoin Office program. The pilot will be coordinated with the Proof of Workforce Foundation,  a non-profit organization that helps workers, unions, and pension funds adopt Bitcoin.

The Santa Monica Bitcoin Office program will explore various initiatives such as: educating Santa Monica residents and businesses in Bitcoin; identifying and facilitating Bitcoin initiatives and partnerships that support Santa Monica’s economic growth; and investigating the potential for environmentally neutral bitcoin mining using city-generated renewable energy.

Santa Monica was home to many early active Bitcoiners. Hal Finney, one of the earliest Bitcoin developers, ran in the 2009 LA Marathon but was unable to reach the Santa Monica finish line due to ALS. Dom Bei, the founder of Proof of Workforce, remembers this pioneering spirit saying, “Today, the city of Santa Monica starts it’s Bitcoin journey, eager to learn as a community, so that they may build upon the last block. The future of Santa Monica is bright orange!”

Vice Mayor Lana Negrete added, “As we embark on a journey to Learn Bitcoin in Santa Monica, I’m excited to see the ideas that follow. Bitcoin is for everyone! I’m optimistic for what’s to come next for our city and the state of California.”

Bitcoin is now in its 15th year of existence, and is currently over a trillion dollar Industry.

This special lighting event will take place on the evening of Wednesday, July 10 to Sunday, July 14. The Ferris wheel lights can be seen from dusk until 11:35 PM each evening. Enjoy watching the light program online at

Special Lighting of the Pacific Wheel for the Santa Monica Bitcoin Office

Wednesday, July 10 to Sunday, July 14
dusk (around 8 PM) to midnight

Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier


See the lights from home at

Pacific Park regularly programs the Ferris wheel to display seasonal programing and themed light designs for holidays and special occasions. The Pacific Wheel’s state-of-the-art lighting package was installed in 2016 and can display over 1.6 million different colors and animate patterns and icons in 24 frames per second. The energy efficient LEDs on the face of the Ferris wheel are powered by solar arrays inside Pacific Park. The light programs are curated and designed by Pacific Park staff. Each design is manually animated; some designs can take hours of programming. The aim is to provide fun, high-energy, and sometimes whimsical designs to entertain guests on the Santa Monica Pier and surrounding beaches.

Feature image courtesy of @michaeltsirakis