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Experience the Santa Monica Pier with Secret Story Tour

Published on October 10, 2020

Experience the Santa Monica Pier in fun, new ways with the Secret Story Tour phone app.

You can now take yourself on an educational, self-paced tour of the Santa Monica Pier, courtesy of the Secret Story Tour App, which takes visitors on a location-based digital tour to discover the history of the iconic destination. With it you can solve fun puzzles, learn all about the Pier’s history, and snap photos along the way.

Guests who take the digital tour will explore multiple points along the Pier to solve a total of 12 puzzles on the app, each revealing a fun fact or story about the Pier’s rich history. The digital tour takes approximately one hour, although there is no time limit, and is suitable for all ages and types of people, from tourists to locals alike. All you have to do to play is download the game to one device and head down to the Pier to play!

Check out this overview of the App experience from These Curious Times News:

The app is available for download now for $19.99 on both the Apple Store and Google Play. Share your favorite images with us after you complete the journey with #PierSecretStoryTour.

Photo courtesy of the Santa Monica Pier.