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Santa Monica Pier’s Trapeze School celebrates PRIDE with their annual Pride Show 2.0

Published on August 4, 2023

See circus performers and aerialist delight the skies with gravity-defying feats over the Santa Monica Pier boardwalk

Trapeze School New York (TSNY) operates their Los Angeles school of flying trapeze and aerial arts out in the open air over the historic Santa Monica. On Sunday, August 13 at 5 PM, come to the pier to watch as flying trapeze artists soar over the boardwalk and aerialists dazzle on apparatuses like the hammock, silks, static trapeze, and lyra. This FREE event can be seen from the boardwalk between The Playland Arcade and Pier Gear.

Trapeze School Pride Show 2.0

Sunday, August 13 from 5-6 pm

370 Santa Monica Pier (just west of the Playland Arcade)


TSNY Los Angeles offers classes for these remarkable and challenging activities because they expand human ability while never losing touch with the thrill of being alive. Flying Trapeze, aerial arts, and trampoline can enhance your ability to move gracefully and powerfully through the air. Working on your ‘air awareness’ means challenging your body to feel comfortable whether you are sitting, walking, running, flipping, falling, or sailing through space. Activities that promote this awareness include flying trapeze, trampoline, static trapeze, Spanish web, silks, acrobatics, and many others.

The school on the Santa Monica Pier offers a huge selection of classes representing the circus and aerial arts. TSNY also hosts private parties for athletic teams, corporate events, family gatherings, dating groups, tourist groups, boys’ and girls’ clubs, community groups, school groups: there’s something for anyone with a taste for adventure!

The classes offered at the Santa Monica Pier are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of people. Whether you are athletic or not, afraid or not, ready or not, we are committed to creating a fun and safe environment for all students ages 6 and up.

Beginners are welcome to join any class with either “All Levels”, “Introductory”, or NO level distinction, in the class title. The nature of flying trapeze and aerial arts allows for one student to be on the equipment at a time, so it is not necessary for everyone in class to be working on the same skill. Classes start with a safety lesson for all first-time students, and shortly after that you can expect to be on the apparatus. TSNY instructors strive to create a class environment that is effective and fun for everyone. Yes, beginners will fly on the trapeze in their first class!

“All Level” Flying Trapeze classes are conducive for participants with skills ranging from beginner through advanced. “Introductory” Flying Trapeze classes have up to 12 students and are great for first time flyers, and students that do not come on a regular basis or are just starting their flying journey. Classes with “Level 2” or greater in the title are reserved for students who have achieved the corresponding skills in their TSNY logbook. Sometimes, there are not enough students to fill a class. Rather than cancel a class we might choose to open it to all levels.

You can book a regularly scheduled class with as many or as few people as you wish. You will be required to cover at minimum the cost of a full class for up to 10 people. If your group has more than 10 people and you book a regularly scheduled two-hour class, please be aware that the more people you have, the less flying per person is possible. More information about trapeze parties and events is available at



Trapeze School New York™ (TSNY) was founded in December 2001 by Jonathon Conant, Anne Brown and David Brown who were inspired by the power of flying trapeze to provide people with a renewed sense of possibility, and forever transform their outlook on life.

Jonathon’s first flying trapeze experience was at Club Med in 1998. He realized that flying trapeze was an amazing tool for helping people reevaluate their capabilities and started a trapeze school in New Paltz, New York shortly thereafter. Anne and Dave Brown first tried flying trapeze at Club Med in 2000. Anne was immediately and totally infatuated; the embodiment of our motto “Forget fear. Worry about the addiction.®” After coming down from his first swing, Dave was astonished that everyday people from all walks of life could do this activity and could not fathom why it wasn’t everywhere. They soon discovered Jonathon’s trapeze rig in New Paltz and started flying there every weekend. By the summer of 2001, the trio decided to partner, develop a business plan, and bring flying trapeze into New York City.

TSNY New York City

Three days after opening in Hudson River Park on July 10, 2002, TSNY was on the front page of The New York Times. Circus arts had officially arrived in NYC! In August 2003 the school was featured in an episode of Sex and the City® called “The Catch” and trapeze arts were introduced to the world. The school ran seasonally until 2006 when the facility in Hudson River Park opened year-round. An indoor facility was opened on West 30th Street in 2008 and operated there year-round until 2012 when the building was displaced by construction projects. Since then, Trapeze School New York has operated seasonally in Hudson River Park on Pier 40, as well as several summers on South Seaport Pier 16 followed by one summer near the boardwalk at Coney Island. Summer 2016 marked the opening of a custom built 39 foot high indoor facility operating year round adjacent to the old Pfizer building in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Randy Winner – who started as a student in 2003, then discovered the joy of teaching – is now General Manager, inspiring staff and students to stop saying “I can’t” and to instead say “I can, I will. I can face my fear, and I can change my life.”

TSNY Los Angeles on the Santa Monica Pier

The New York based school expanded to the west coast with a new school on the Santa Monica Pier in spring 2008. The picturesque location, with panoramic views of coastal California from the pedestal board, opened with a spectacular show accompanied by a performance by a dozen or so members of the LA Philharmonic Orchestra. The school on the pier offers regular shows to the thousands of people walking by and stopping to watch every day. In 2012, the school was featured on an episode of Modern Family called “Leap Day” bringing it even more fame. TSNY LA is managed by Kenna Stevens.

Why Trapeze

At the heart of TSNY’s motivation is a desire for greater health: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The Flying Trapeze is a wonderful tool for learning and practicing many vital elements of health and wellness. Conditioning, body awareness, timing, trust, relaxation, and a belief in one’s ability to do more than one imagined, are just a few of the benefits of flying. Static trapeze, Spanish web, trampoline, acrobatics and silks are great for building overall strength and coordination. They are also invaluable for learning improved technique and form.

Many students, inspired by the joy and challenge of flying, set a new course of commitment to health and happiness in their lives. Trapeze students often describe improvement in focus, self-esteem, strength, mood, patience, empowerment, sleep patterns, and weight loss. An added benefit comes from the community spirit shared by our students and staff. A passion for flying trapeze and aerial arts has proven to be a powerful means of breaking down the barriers we build inside ourselves and between each other. Programs and curriculum offered at Trapeze School New York are designed to empower students to discover something new each time they fly.


Feature image courtesy of @tsnyla