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Santa Monica’s Sister City Water Park in Mazatlan, Mexico

Published on September 28, 2018

Sister Cities International (SCI) was created in 1956 as a nonprofit network to bring people from different communities together. This network has formed bonds between communities in 145 counties across the world – Santa Monica included. The City of Santa Monica has four Sister Cities; Mazatlan (Mexico), Hamm (Germany), Fujunomiya (Japan), and Kizugawa (Japan).

Santa Monica’s relationship with Mazatlan began in 1961. Both cities are along the coast, and draw people from all over the world to visit each year. In addition to a thriving art culture and the popular pre-Lenten Carnival, Mazatlán also has a water park attraction for families to visit. Mazagua offers visitors a variety of pools, slides, and shaded family areas to stay cool while enjoying the weather.

Everyone can find a favorite attraction at Mazagua – ride solo or with a group of friends, play in the pools, or jump through the wet obstacle course. Be sure to bring lots of sun block if you plan on being in the sun for a long period of time!

Already Been to Mazatlan?

Have you been to Mazatlan, but not Santa Monica? Come see why they’ve been sister cities for over 50 years! Of course, we want you to come visit our amusement park while you’re here, too! We don’t offer any wet attractions like Mazagua, but the Park is full of rides and attractions for people of every age and has the ocean views to go with it.