Win Big for the Christmas Collection of Squishmallows

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You can win one of the Christmas Collection Squishmallows that are finally back at Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier!

Play a game of speed and skill to win a prize at Pacific Park. These special prizes come in a few sizes and the more you win, the bigger they get! Check out a few that we currently have available to win.

Nick the Santa Claus is a red Squishmallow from the Christmas Squad.

Nick is the volunteer of the century. He travels all over the world and donates time and money to make the world a better place. He works around the clock day and night to bring you the jolliest day of the year.

Vee the Magical Owl is a white Squishmallow.

Vee is a cream-colored owl with shimmery, golden ear tufts and white markings on her face and belly. Small, gold feathers decorate her chest. She has black eyes with short, straight lashes, and a gold, triangular beak.

Meet Hetty the Angel.

This sweet and nurturing ‘Mallow is always looking after her friends! Need a warm hug, a stellar pep talk, or just a friend to sit and listen to? Hetty is the girl for you! She works hard to make sure all her friends feel seen and supported! So come hang out and be yourself!

Lorenzo the Nutcracker is another one of Santa’s helpers.

His job is guarding Santa’s list! Day or night, this nutcracker makes sure the naughty and nice lists stay safe and hidden. His favorite cocoa has chocolate-dipped marshmallows in it!

Carol the Christmas Tree loves caroling, cocoa, and cookies!

This festive mallow loves the bright and cheery vibe of the holidays and wishes the world could be that way every day. She sings in an acapella group that visits schools, homes, and hospitals to sing festive tunes all year round.

Ruby the Reindeer also goes by Ruby the Moose.

Ruby enjoys long walks on the ice with her occasional hot cocoa beverage. Ruby is the North Pole’s Christmas Coordinator. She plans all of the reindeer events leading up to the grand finale on Christmas day.

Luna the Penguin brings the heat with her smooth moves.

The cold can’t stop her dancing feet. Looking for a Squishmallow to lift you up when you’re down? Luna is your girl!

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