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Looking back over the acts that have graced the stage the past 35 years of the Twilight Series on the Pier, the main theme was to provide guests with good entertainment and a reason to meet at the Santa Monica Pier and dance. From Blues and Jazz, to Reggae and Ska, each years lineup was […]

We collected all the posters created for the Twilight Concert Series over the past 35 years. Each poster is fun, bright, and eclectic - reflecting the series itself. For the past 35 years, thousands of people have come to the Santa Monica Pier to dance, enjoy good entertainment, and spend quality time with friends. It's [...]

The Twilight Dance Series began in 1985 as a way to bring people down to the Santa Monica Pier after the storms of ’83 to remind them the Pier was still around. The Pier was not nearly as popular then as it is now and the businesses really relied on Thursday nights during the Twilight […]

The Santa Monica Pier is famous the world over for its historic neon “Yacht Harbor” sign and solar-powered Ferris wheel, but to local residents on the West side of Los Angeles, the Pier is most revered as the venue for the Twilight Concerts. This storied, West side tradition happened every summer for 35 years and […]