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The Most Versatile Advertising Space in LA

Published on November 17, 2017

There is one unifying feature which every successful business demonstrates. Regardless of industry, whether a business provides a service or product, or if it is centuries old or a startup, strong and well-placed advertising will bring a business to the next level, and there is one location in Los Angeles that reaches millions of people directly, plus their friends and family on an ongoing basis. The Santa Monica Pier and Pacific Park present not only a timeless tourist attraction, but also a playground for locals of all ages and demographics and with the creative sponsorship and advertising opportunities on the Pier and in the Park, it has become the one stop shop for brilliant and effective advertising in Los Angeles.

  • Creative placement in the Park and at the Pier create uncommonly awesome visibility by the masses.
    • This timeless location draws a huge audience of approximately 8.5 million visitors annually.
    • Because it lies prominently on the best coast in sunny Southern California, there isn’t really a terribly slow season to fuss about.
    • Options ranging from a weekend of street-team presence to custom lights on the world-famous Santa Monica Pier Ferris Wheel allow for advertising and sponsorship opportunities to make your business both literally and figuratively shine for visitors and locals to see from near or far.
    • Few sponsorship opportunities allow businesses to touch such a diverse global audience with just one well-placed campaign
  • Short-term or long-term options meet the needs of any business so you can choose your season for your reasons, or see your name in lights at the pier 24-7, 365 days a year.
    • Whether running a campaign annually or perennially, brilliantly placed ads throughout the Pier and Park or on its billboards are sure to benefit your business for many seasons to come.
    • Selecting your season helps you reach your target audience efficiently and effectively, whether you’re trying to reach more professionals visiting the pier for holiday parties or traveling with family, adolescents and their parents/guardians visiting on field trips throughout the year, or young moms and their families visiting regularly for playdates.
    • The option to run campaigns throughout the year means making your hard-won brand and brilliant advertising campaigns visible to audiences from nearly every part of the world as millions of pilgrims venture to the one and only Santa Monica, California.
    • Not only will the campaigns so brilliantly placed at the Park and Pier reach their intended first level of viewers in attendance, but because it is such a perpetually hip destination, advertisements and sponsorships also have a way of working their way onto visitors’ social media posts which then touch a whole other group of viewers as a free added bonus.
  • Something for every business and every budget can be achieved in concert with the fine folks at the Pier.
    • Whether you’re growing a brand by word of mouth and a clever hashtag, or you are actually King Midas reminding folks why gold is awesome, the Santa Monica pier has reasonable options to help you convert passersby to patrons with creative and unique sponsorship and advertising opportunities of every kind.
    • Due to the winning combination of the incredibly high volume of sightseers who come to The Pier, and the unfathomably large number of photos taken and, more importantly, posted at that historic spot, your expert decision to place advertising there could very realistically place your brand in view of exponentially larger audiences than even those many millions in annual attendance. Your visibility in visitors’ social media posts can range from you dressed head to toe in your logo photobombing to your heart’s contentment, or your flawlessly crafted campaign plastered across billboards, rides, and paper goods throughout the park being prominently featured in the background of a thousand selfies a day.
    • Creative advertising opportunities at the Santa Monica Pier and Pacific Park include (but are certainly not limited to) consumer engagement events, short-term and long-term branding, product sampling, interactive street-team/roam the park, product displays and exhibitions, and even custom lights on the spectacular Santa Monica Pier Ferris Wheel.


Brilliantly placed advertisements and sponsorships at the Santa Monica Pier and its ever-enchanting Pacific Park are one of the best investments a business owner or marketing executive can make. Investing time and energy into physically showing up to the pier for one on one engagement with individuals in attendance, or a full-bore display of marketing force will surely yield varied and exciting visibility for your brand and conversion to grow your business in the way that best suits your needs. The all-inclusive resort of the advertising and sponsorship world has been hiding right under your nose, but now you know, and we’ll see you at the Pier.