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Tips for Amusement Parks with Toddlers

Published on July 23, 2018

Taking a toddler to a amusement park can make for a fun and exciting day for the whole family, yes, including the parents. With a little bit of extra preparation and planning, you can avoid any potential meltdowns or tantrums along the way. We talked to several top mommy bloggers and have come up with the following tips for Theme Amusement Parks with toddlers so that you can make the most of your outing.

Most of what goes into a successful day at the amusement park with your toddler happens before you even leave the house. Doing research about the park and planning in advance to make sure that you have everything your family needs is the most important part of the process, and plays into all of the tips we have to offer here:


  1. Plan Your Rides in Advance: Some rides have height requirements, while others may just be too much for your young one. This is especially crucial for families with toddlers and an older sibling who may already be tall enough and brave enough to get on all the rides. (Ride & Height Requirements at PacPark)
  2. Don’t Get Bored in Line: Lines are going to happen at any amusement park – but waiting for the ride can be the most exciting part! Ask your toddler about if they are excited for the ride, have them watch as other amusement park guests get on and off the ride, or play games like “I Spy” to keep them occupied.
  3. Snacks, Snacks, Snacks: Amusement parks can be so much fun for your toddler that they don’t even realize they’re hungry until it’s too late. Pack some small snacks to bring with you, or check out food options online before getting to the park. (Snack and Food Options at PacPark)
  4. Find Some Shade: Look for places on your way into the park where your family can get out of the sun when you need a break. Cool off, drink water, reapply sunscreen and get ready for your toddler to drag you right back to their favorite ride!
  5. Know when to Call it Quits: You know your toddler’s limits, and what they’re typical schedule is. Plan to spend a certain number of hours at the park, but also watch for any signs that your toddler may be tiring faster than normal because of the extra excitement.


Following these tips will have you set up for a great day at the amusement park with your toddler, leaving you with great memories, and probably some amazing pictures to go along with them. It’s alright if your little one isn’t able to do all of the things the amusement park has to offer on their first visit – they can ride the “big kid” rides on your next visit!