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Top 2022 Filming: Movies, TV, Music Video

Published on December 20, 2022

As the year comes to a close, we look back at Pacific Park’s best film shoots in 2022.

The Santa Monica Pier continues to be a premier filming destination in Los Angeles for films and photoshoots that want to promote a nostalgic look for their commercials, tv shows, or documentaries. Check out our picks for the best film shoots hosted this year here at Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier.

The Flight Attendant

The final two episodes will bring this roller coaster of a season to a close on the famous Santa Monica Pier. With events transpiring, the characters are led to Pacific Park to find a mysterious person who has been impersonating Cassie (Kaley Cuoco.) The dramatic show wraps up on the Pacific Wheel with flashbacks that switch from the gondola on the famous Ferris wheel to a gondola in a hotel room where she battles with her subconscious.

the flight attendant season 2 episode 7
Image credit: Jennifer Rose Clasen/HBO Max

The cast and crew of the TV Show, the Flight Attendant, bought out the pier and park for 3 days of filming to incorporate the various rides into the shots. Certain shots were only able to be taken from the Pacific Wheel, this included special rigging to the gondolas. Check out the behind-the-scenes feature to learn more about how the crew was able to successfully film at Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier.


Without Exceptions — Martha

Acid attacks are often targeted at women as the result of the refusal of a marriage, the denial of sex, and the sexual rejection of men and boys. In this episode, acid attack survivor Martha bravely leaves her home country in Africa to fly to the United States for pro-bono reconstructive surgery and treatment to reduce the pain of her scars by renowned Beverly Hills plastic surgeons.

UNMUTED is a 6-episode anthology docuseries, which features women fighting to overcome tremendous obstacles and inspires viewers to join organized efforts and calls to action to improve the lives of women across the globe. You can watch a trailer for the docuseries here.

American Gigolo

After his wrongful conviction, Julian Kaye is released from 15 years in prison as he navigates his complicated relationships with his former lover, Michelle (Gretchen Mol), his troubled mother, and the people who betrayed him. While Julian struggles to reconcile the escort he was in the past and the man he is today, Detective Sunday (Rosie O’Donnell) seeks the truth about the murder that sent Julian to prison all those years ago, unearthing a much larger conspiracy along the way.

The new series has been re-imagined in the present day to be based on Paul Schrader’s 1980 film starring Richard Gere and Lauren Hutton. Gretchen Mol appears in the Showtime series readaptation with Jon Bernthal, where the couple packs on PDA while they were spotted filming scenes on the Santa Monica Pier.

Coach’s “That’s My Ride” campaign with Megan Thee Stallion

The three-time, Grammy Award-winning artist joined friends on the Santa Monica Pier to battle it out with friends on the bumper cars

“I feel like working with Coach is just so nostalgic to me because I’ve been wearing this brand all my life,” Megan shared with People magazine. “My grandmother used to take me shopping and buy me little Coach wristlets and the little small purses – and now I’m all grown up, and I get to wear everything and have all the big purses,” she adds.


“Rest of Our Lives” Music Video

This music video that was shot at Pacific Park shows a young couple enjoying the relaxed beach environment and playfulness of the amusement park. The video was shot like a vlog which allowed for more authenticity to be captured on the various rides that normally wouldn’t be able to have camera rigging. Check out the full music video below.


Films, TV shows, and music videos are often set in amusement parks, and Pacific Park has been the location for many productions over the years. Pacific Park is ideal for filming oceanfront scenes, an outdoor amusement park setting, a backdrop, or establishing shots. Pacific Park’s skilled crew is available to meet all production needs and can assist the various City and Pier representatives to secure necessary permits, parking, and special requests.