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Valentine’s Day in Santa Monica: Ride a Ferris Wheel, Share a Treat, and be Serenaded by the Beach

Published on January 30, 2019

The Ferris wheel on the Santa Monica Pier is often picked as a top spot for first dates and receives accolades as being one of the most romantic places in Los Angeles. The Pacific Wheel is a can’t-miss spot in USA Today’s “The Romantic Places for Couples in Los Angeles” and Westways magazine cites the Ferris wheel as one of Los Angeles’ “Great Places to Make a Romantic Proposal.” In fact, the Park receives weekly inquiries from romantic hopefuls about the best way to pop “the question” at the top of the Ferris wheel, and how to best capture the Wheel’s light programs in engagement photographs from those who have already set a wedding date.

On Valentine’s Day, Pacific Park steps up the romance on the Pier:

  • A romance-themed light program on the Ferris wheel
  • Live music performances
  • Share a funnel cake or other sweet treats over the ocean

The Pacific Wheel’s Valentine’s Day Light Program

The week of Valentine’s Day, couples can enjoy a unique light program on the Pacific Wheel featuring hearts, kissing emojis, and special Valentine’s Day messages. The light program begins at dusk nightly and runs until midnight. The lights can be seen from the beach and through the windows of several romantic restaurants along the beach including Casa del Mar and The Lobster. For those wanting a more low-key Valentine’s Day, you can pitch a blanket out on the sand and enjoy the lights right by the water. We recommend the beach just south of the Pier for the best viewing. If you can’t make it all the way out to Santa Monica, all of our light programs are streamed live on our webcams.

Romantic Music on the Santa Monica Pier

Walking down the Santa Monica Pier you will be introduced to various kinds of music to listen to with your loved ones. Walk along the pier towards the sunset and find your favorite tune. Pacific Park will also be playing a special playlist with lots of classic romance songs to dance to. Anywhere you go on the pier you are likely to find some groovy tunes.

Share a Sweet Treat with your Sweetheart

Powdered sugar funnel cake or Lappert’s Gourmet Ice Cream? Why not both? Share a sweet treat with a loved one or keep the treats for yourself. Our sweet treats taste the best in the salty ocean air.

Whether coming to the Park to meet for a first date or rekindling a life-long romance, Pacific Park can’t be beaten. Couples can cuddle at the top of the Pacific Wheel, win each other giant stuffed animals from the midway, and share in an indulgent treat. Bring your significant other to the Park on your next date and you may just find that spark of romance waiting out here by the sea.

Featured image provided by @lemeridiendelfina