What’s the Ocean Water Temperature in Santa Monica?

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Tourists from all over the world travel to Santa Monica to take in the sights of the city, beaches and the ocean. Adults and kids alike are drawn to the waterfront, and most are eager to take their first dip in the great Pacific. Most are so eager that they don’t even check the temperature of the water before taking their first few steps into the ocean. Depending on the time of year, the water can be a bit cold for most swimmers.

The Pacific is known for being cooler than its Atlantic counterpart, as the currents bring water down from the north on the West Coast, while water flows up from the south on the East.  This means that the water can be colder than people expect if they decide to jump in without checking the temperature first.

Overall, the Santa Monica ocean water temperature typically ranges between 53F and 70F throughout the entire year. The peak water temperature typically comes in the month of September, and lowest in February. Generally speaking, these temperatures are lower than what you’d expect to find in a swimming pool, but not too cold to splash around and have fun!

Do You Need a Wet Suit?

Do you need a wet suit to go in the ocean in Santa Monica? This depends on what you plan on doing while in water, and how long you plan on staying in the water. Many tourists take surf lessons while in sunny SoCal, and most instructors will suggest that students wear a swim suit since they will be in the water for a while.

For many, just getting their feet wet is enough to say that they touched the Pacific Ocean, in which case – no wet suit required. You can always find groups of people walking along the shoreline, getting just enough of a touch while they stroll along the beach.

The Hottest Place in Santa Monica

No matter the time of year, the Santa Monica Pier and Pacific Park are always among the hottest destinations in all of Los Angeles. The only thing that changes based on the season are our daily hours of operation. Be sure to check the updated calendar for special hours when you plan on visiting Santa Monica.

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