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Windy Time Cart on the Santa Monica Pier

Published on February 8, 2020

Windy Time is a souvenir cart on the Santa Monica Pier that sells a selection of hanging wind spinners and ornaments, snow globes, and other unique gifts.

You can buy great gifts on the Santa Monica Pier for your friends and family back home. Windy Time is a mobile retail vending cart on the Santa Monica Pier Boardwalk. The cart offers a variety of souvenirs that you should check out before deciding on your final purchase. Snow globes are a popular gift idea from Santa Monica. Wind-spinners are a unique and beautiful way to remember your trip to Santa Monica and widely collected by visitors who decorate their homes with these whimsical creations. You are sure to find some unique finds at this outdoor shop that you won’t find any other place in Santa Monica.

Windy Time is located across from Beach Burger and Pacific Park’s North Entrance.