Author: Andy P

From oceanside, sit-down restaurants to grab-and-go snacks and picnic to-go kits for dining on the sand, there is a food paradise to be found on the Santa Monica Pier. Wanna know the best local shareable food on the pier? Believe it or not – it’s the funnel cake! Commence happy dancing! Although a fried, ecstasy-inducing [...]
Check out the many reasons to take advantage of the fun and healthy activities near the Santa Monica Pier. The rocking waves, the salty breeze, the picturesque mountains, and the backdrop of the city are just some of the great reasons to visit the Santa Monica Pier. I don’t know about you but the closer [...]
The City of Santa Monica has recognized Pacific Park® with a 2020-2021 Gold GoSaMo Achievement Award for reducing vehicle trips, congestion, and greenhouse gas emissions in the city . The GoSaMo program is designed to help employers and property managers comply with local transportation regulations and assist commuters, residents, and visitors to find the mobility [...]