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Joey Chestnut Sets a New Taco Eating Record

Published on October 4, 2019

On Friday, October 4th, another world record was set by competitive eater, Joey Chestnut, who devoured 82 LA street-style tacos in just 8 minutes at the 2019 Pacific Park World Taco Eating Championship at the Santa Monica Pier.

This was the second year that the world’s top competitive eaters were invited to Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier to compete for the world title in eating LA street-style tacos. The iconic Pacific Wheel served as the backdrop to this year’s competition held on the Santa Monica Pier over the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean.

Joey Chestnut holds several world records for eating hot dogs, chicken wings, and tacos. Chestnut is best known for his consecutive record-setting wins at the Nathan’s Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest in Coney Island New York. This is the second consecutive year that Chestnut won the championship besting his previous world-record by 20 tacos.

Other top competitors who placed in the competition include Arizona’s Miki Sudo downed a whopping 69 1/2 tacos. She is the number one ranked female athlete in the MLE and has taken the number one spot in the female competition of Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest every year since 2014.

Third place at 69 tacos was a tie between Gideon Oji and Nick Wehry.

Final Results

1 Joey Chestnut 82
2 Miki Sudo 69.5
3 Gideon Oji / Nick Wehry (Tie) 69
5 Michelle Lesco 47
6 Sergio Reyes Raya 24
7 Dr Fantastic Monte Cook 16
8 Mary Bowers 15
9 Cory Hayashi 14
10 Jason Krause 12

Competitors will have to wait until next year to once again challenge Chestnut for the title of world’s fastest eater when the World Taco Championship returns to Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier.

National Taco Day

National Taco Day is celebrated on October 4th every year and is a day of recognition for one of LA’s most loved dishes, the taco. LA street-style tacos served at the Pacific Park World Taco Eating Championship are lovingly prepared at Whac-a-mole Tacos on the Santa Monica Pier. The tacos consist of a corn tortilla topped with slow-roasted pork, onions and cilantro served with a wedge of lime and fresh salsa. Whac-a-mole Tacos serves classic Mexican fare on the Santa Monica Pier, so stop by and try one anytime!

Major League Eating

Major League Eating is the world body that oversees professional eating contests. The organization developed competitive eating and includes the sport’s governing body, the International Federation of Competitive Eating. Major League Eating holds competitive eating events all over the country including the Nathan’s Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest at Coney Island every summer on July 4th.

Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier

Home to the world-famous, Pacific Wheel, Santa Monica’s ocean-side amusement park has 12 thrilling rides, a classic boardwalk midway, open air shopping, and dining on the Santa Monica Pier. The Pier is one of Southern California’s most visited entertainment destinations and is regularly featured on TV, in films, music videos, television commercials, and video games. The Park’s Whac-a-mole Tacos opened in 2017 and began hosting the World Taco Eating Championship in 2018.