Funnel Cakes

Pacific Park’s signature Funnel Cake is a boardwalk treat that can’t be missed on any visit to The Santa Monica Pier. Funnel Cakes were first brought to America by the Dutch in the late 1800s. The name comes from the technique of pouring batter through a funnel into hot oil. The funnel gives the cake its signature texture. Funnel cakes are typically served with a dusting of powdered sugar. At Pacific Park they are served at Funnel Cakes and Scoops Ice Cream and Treats and can be topped with strawberries, whipped cream, and even a scoop of your favorite Lappert’s Ice Cream.

Funnel Cakes on the Santa Monica Pier


  • Funnel Cake
  • Toppings include: powdered sugar, caramel, chocolate syrup, strawberries, whipped cream
  • Icee drinks

*menu and offerings vary by season and availability. Please give us a ring if you have any questions.