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Tees-R-Us t-shirt cart on the Santa Monica Pier

Published on November 25, 2018

Tees-R-Us is a merchandise retail cart on the Santa Monica Pier offering a wide selection of t-shirts, tanks and pullovers that double as a souvenir or fun gift with slogans printed or embroidered like “Santa Monica”, “California”, or “Los Angeles”. Tees-R-Us has over 20 styles to choose from in many sizes and stocks new styles and designs every season. This t-shirt cart also sells a selection of children’s t-shirts and jumpers for those chilly, seaside evenings.

Tees and t-shirts are a must-buy gift to bring home to those who couldn’t join in on your trip to California. Tees pack light, won’t get damaged in your checked bags, and are a perfect fit for anyone on your shopping list. You can find unique designs and funny slogans on the many t-shirts sold at Tees-R-Us. Shopping for gifts on the Santa Monica Pier is a fun way to spend time during your visit.

Tees-R-Us is open daily and located on the Santa Monica Pier boardwalk, across from Funnel Cakes.