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Japadog Santa Monica Pier

Published on May 2, 2018


For a fun, quick bite that’s considered one of the hot places to eat on the Santa Monica Pier by celebrities from around the world, stop by the JAPADOG cart. You’ll get tasty and creative take-away meals that you can hold while strolling along the Pier. This street food vendor is one of the most popular — and delicious — food vendors Santa Monica has to offer.

JAPADOG started in 2005 as a dream of a Japanese couple who moved to Canada with a love of hot dogs and cold beverages. Within just a few years, they were winning awards and gaining fame as much for their innovative menu as for their infectious positive attitudes. They have locations in Vancouver, New York, and California.

There are plenty of interesting combinations from JAPADOG Santa Monica, where East meets West with Instagram-worthy presentations. Memorable combinations use ingredients like Terimayo sauce, plum sauce, kimchi, tonkatsu sauce, and flavored rice. It’s possible to choose from bratwurst, all-beef hotdogs, kurobuta pork, turkey sausage, veggie dogs, and cheddar smokey. Get daring and try something new!

Feature image courtesy of @kitcoke.


Here are a few favorites that guests love:

  • Kurobuta Terimayo Hot Dog
  • Avocado Hot Dog
  • Okonomi Hot Dog
  • Plain beef, turkey, or veggie hot dog

Note: Menu and offerings vary by season and availability. See the full Japadog Santa Monica Pier menu.

Hand holding hot dog

Kurobuta Terimayo Hot Dog, photo by @table4tu

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