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Josh Reynolds Rides the Santa Monica Pier Roller Coaster

Published on February 25, 2020

The Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Josh Reynolds visited the Santa Monica Pier recently with Sarina Morales, a Rams reporter, to have some fun and learn a little bit more about the Josh’s background. They went into Pacific Park for a ride on the West Coaster roller coaster, played a game of long range basketball, and spoke about Josh’s first few years as a LA Ram. Catch the video below:

Josh Reynolds is the #83 wide receiver for the Los Angeles Rams football team. He played football for his college Texas A&M and was drafted in 2017 to join the Rams.

The Los Angeles Rams compete in the National Football League (NFL). The Rams originated as the Cleveland Rams in 1936 and moved to Los Angeles in 1946. They remained in the LA area until moving to St. Louis, MO in 1994 where they became the St. Louis Rams. They returned to LA in 2016 and played in the historic Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. They will play their 2020-2021 season in the brand new SoFi Stadium in Inglewood alongside the Los Angeles Chargers.

In 2018, the Los Angeles Rams lit up the Pacific Wheel Ferris wheel at Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier in blue and yellow for their team colors. Watch the recap here.

Pacific Park regularly programs the Ferris wheel to display seasonal programing and themed light designs for holidays and special occasions. The Pacific Wheel’s state-of-the-art lighting package was installed in 2016 and can display over 1.6 million different colors and animate patterns and icons in 24 frames per second. The energy efficient LEDs on the face of the Ferris wheel are powered by solar arrays inside Pacific Park. The light programs are curated and designed by Pacific Park staff. Each design is manually animated; some designs can take hours of programming. The aim is to provide fun, high-energy, and sometimes whimsical designs to entertain guests on the Santa Monica Pier and surrounding beaches.

The Ferris wheel’s light programs can be seen nightly lighting the waters around the Santa Monica Pier and are regularly featured in news broadcasts across the country. Pacific Park accepts special lighting requests from the public as part of a sponsorship arrangement with the Park. Because of the large volume of these requests, not all submissions can be met, and the Park no longer offers pro bono lighting requests. To learn more about these and other opportunities to partner with Pacific Park, please visit