Soda Jerks Santa Monica Pier

Soda Jerks Ice Cream at the Santa Monica Pier

Soda Jerks Santa Monica Pier

Step inside and get lost in early 20th century charm! At Soda Jerks, you can enjoy a classic ice cream sundae in the historic old-style Carousel Building on the Santa Monica Pier.

Soda Jerks is a modern ice cream shop with style plucked straight from the 1940s, serving drinks and ice cream in one of the oldest buildings in Santa Monica. Soda Jerks has been serving ice cream, fudge, and soda on the Pier for ten years now, and has cultivated a reputation for having the best ice cream in Santa Monica.

Soda Jerks is well equipped to handle parties and gatherings and offers a range of catering and hosting options for kid’s birthday parties, ice cream socials, and other private events. Soda Jerks has an array of food items and accessory options for private gatherings—guests may rent a popcorn or cotton candy machine or opt for surprise candy goodie bags.

Soda Jerks Ice Cream at the Santa Monica Pier



Soda Jerks offers a range of standard and specialty sundaes, from the classic banana split to the mind-blowing “Sting,” an espresso almond ice cream sundae with coffee syrup.

Egg Creams

The perfect combination of chocolate, coffee or vanilla syrup, blended with soda water & milk to create a nice thick, foamy top.

Fruit Smoothies

Non-fat vanilla yogurt blended with your choice of sorbet & soda water.

Fosselman’s Super Premium Ice Cream

So many flavors to choose from!


*menu and offerings vary by season and availability. See the full Soda Jerks Santa Monica menu. For hours, group information, and other inquiries, visit

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