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Santa Monica Pier Gift Ideas

Published on December 16, 2020

As the holidays roll around, you may be stuck once again wondering what presents to get your family and friends. Many businesses on the Santa Monica Pier offer unique and memorable gifts that your relatives can’t find anywhere else.

Two Photos in One Moving Photograph

Through a special lens known as a lenticular lens, Two Photos in One cart on the Santa Monica Pier sells fun, keepsake pictures to send others that has the ability to change or move as the image is viewed from different angles. Relatives will love to flip the frame around to watch you move – it’s as close to a moving picture like those in Harry Potter as you can get!


Books by James Harris, the Santa Monica Pier Historian

James Harris (also known as Jim), has worked on the Santa Monica Pier for over 20 years, starting off as a bartender and making his way to Deputy Director of the Santa Monica Pier Corporation, the non-profit organization that is responsible for all of the programing on the Pier. All his years of working on the Pier has led him to be called the Santa Monica Pier Historian. In celebration of the Pier’s 100th anniversary in 2009, Jim wrote and published a book on its history – called Santa Monica Pier: A Century on the Last Great Pleasure Pier.

Jim passed his writing skills onto his daughter and they recently came out with a children’s book together called Stella Rose and the Sea Dragon. The story about finding courage, and an allegorical tale about the journey a young person takes when graduating from a small, fun family ride to one of the larger thrill rides at the Pier’s famous amusement park.

You can find both of Jim’s books for sale at Pier Gear, the retail store located right after the Trapeze School and right before Pacific Park’s food court. You can also purchase Stella Rose and the Sea Dragon on the Santa Monica Pier Corporation’s website.


Unique Gifts from Pier Gear

While you’re checking out Jim’s Santa Monica Pier history book in Pier Gear, take a while to browse around for unique souvenirs and gifts such as colorful mugs, handmade magnets, cozy sweaters and more. There’s over 15 different snow globes designs placed around the store, perfect for the collectors in your life. The patio outside Pier Gear also sells handmade ornaments made from sea shells and other collectables. Santa Monica Pier ornaments are a great gift to bring home and put on to decorate your Christmas tree.

Display of ornaments at the Santa Monica Pier

Flying classes at the Trapeze School

You can give the gift of flying – literally! – when you buy a gift certificate for a class or membership to the Trapeze School New York (TSNY) on the Santa Monica Pier. TSNY offers classes in flying trapeze or aerial arts such as silks and lyra. A gift certificate to the Trapeze School guarantees a day of fun and can maybe even introduce new passions to the art of trapeze.

Gift certificates can be purchased online and will be sent as printable PDFs – to purchase yours or learn more, click here.


Gift Cards to Santa Monica Pier Restaurants

There are plenty of options for where to eat on the Santa Monica Pier. Think about the favorite food of the person you’re getting the gift for – is it burgers? Pizza? Seafood? Ice cream?! There’s something on the Pier for everyone, so take a look at the list of restaurants on the Santa Monica Pier and get a gift card that will make your loved ones heart and belly full.