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Pacific Park Retires Original Sea Dragon

Published on February 11, 2023

After delighting guests for more than 27 years, and giving more than 12 million rides at the Santa Monica Pier, the bright green Sea Dragon will retire to make way for an all-new Sea Dragon ride.

The Sea Dragon on the Santa Monica Pier is retiring and Pacific Park will display the original Sea Dragon in the upper Pier parking lot adjacent to the east entrance of the Park from February 27 to March 8, daily from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. The Sea Dragon swinging amusement park ride opened with Pacific Park on May 26, 1996. Guests are encouraged to share their memories of the Sea Dragon at

“We look forward to sharing the public’s memories of the Sea Dragon with our guests and team members as we celebrate the retirement of the original Sea Dragon ride,” said Nathan Smithson, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier. “The Sea Dragon is an iconic piece of the amusement park ride experience for everyone including the film and music industries and numerous celebrities.”

The Sea Dragon has appeared in several Hollywood films including “Iron Man” with Robert Downey, Jr., and “Her” with Joaquin Phoenix, among many others. The Sea Dragon also shared the spotlight with the Regional Mexican music artist “La Séptima Banda” and was the subject for “Stella Rose and the Sea Dragon” book with authors Stella Harris and James Harris, along with illustrator Michael Bailey; the book launch was held in front of the Sea Dragon back in 2018.

The Sea Dragon is a swinging ship ride with two lifelike dragon heads making passengers feel as if they’re caught in the turbulent waters. The ship moves back and forth in a 180-degree arc, giving riders a series of 40 feet drops and thrilling launches. The Sea Dragon ride car weighs 6,000 pounds, is 26 feet in length, is 3 feet in width, and is accentuated with 12 feet tall Sea Dragons heads on each end.

Say Goodby to the Original Sea Dragon

Now through Wednesday, March 8

Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier

Chance Rides

Established in 1961, Chance Manufacturing Co. was incorporated by Harold Chance. It was the beginning of a family tradition of building amusement rides and attractions. Today Chance Rides is operating at the same Wichita, KS, facility with about 310,000 sq. ft. under roof providing rides to amusement parks and entertainment destinations all over the world. Chance rides manufactured both the Pacific Wheel and Shark Frenzy at Pacific Park.

Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier

Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier, LA’s only admission free amusement park, offers 12 amusement rides, 14 midway games, an oceanfront food plaza and beach side shopping. In addition to the Pacific Wheel solar-powered Ferris wheel, Pacific Park’s signature rides include the Route 66 West Coaster roller coaster and Inkie’s Air Lift Balloon Ride, the high-flying, family-sharing kids’ ride. For additional information and hours of operation visit