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How to Plan a Date on the Santa Monica Pier

Published on June 1, 2019

Searching for Santa Monica date ideas and feeling more than a little overwhelmed? We get it. It can be tough to choose from so many creative date ideas in Los Angeles.

You love exploring Santa Monica, but you’re looking for one place that has it all—enough fun, magic, and romance to make your date a success.

Whether you’re planning your first date with a new love or are celebrating a night—or day—out with your main squeeze, you can’t go wrong with a fun outing at Pacific Park, which has been listed countless times among the best places to take a date in Los Angeles.

A number of publications, including USA today and The LA Girl, have called the Santa Monica Pier and the amusement park one of the most romantic spots in L.A., while the famous Pacific Wheel is often called the number-one place to propose in the city.

So don’t fret—planning this date should be easy!


Date Idea 1: Matching Wristbands for a Day of Fun

Instead of buying individual ride tickets, choose an unlimited ride wristband. This all-day pass grants you access to all 12 rides at the Park, so you and your date have a day of unlimited fun with unlimited rides.

Adventurists love the West Coaster, Inkie’s Scrambler, and Pacific Plunge, while those with more competitive edges love to duke it out (good-naturedly of course!) at Sig Alert EV, the upscale version of classic bumper cars.

Getting parched between rides? Split a hazelnut or dark chocolate ice blended drink at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

Don’t forget to take a break for some laid-back strolls. Enjoy the sights and sounds of ocean life as you walk around hand in hand. Even if the Park is packed with guests, the two of you can always find a little corner of the Pier to call your own—even if just for a few moments of shared sweetness.

Continue that sweetness at Scoops Ice Cream and Treats. Share a decadent funnel cake with powdered sugar or strawberries and whipped cream—or add a scoop of ice cream. You can choose any number of additional toppings!


Estimated Cost for Date Idea 1:

Unlimited Ride Wristbands—2 x $32.95
Ice blended drink—$4.50
Funnel cake with a scoop of ice cream—$8.00 (funnel cake) plus $4.50 (ice cream)

Expect to dish out about $83.00.
*You can save on Unlimited Ride Wristbands when you purchase ahead of time online at


Date Idea 2: Go Crazy at the Midway

If neither one of you is a fan of amusement park rides, no biggie. You have an entire midway to explore!

Spend your time moving from game to game—14 in all!—to win a giant plush for your date. Whac-A-Mole is a perennial favorite midway game, and it’s perfect for two lovebirds ready for some laughs. Take turns trying to get the highest score—or step up to win the game and a smile from your charming companion.

Stop by the Wetzel’s Pretzels food cart for a yummy and fresh giant pretzel, and grab one of the frozen lemonades, too. Split these treats, and maybe go back for another sharable pretzel.

Got an ace aim? Try your luck at Goblet Toss, where you’ll shoot a Wiffle ball into one of the color-coded holes, or Cat Rack, where you’ll try to knock over clown-faced targets. Success means a prize for your date!

You’ll likely be getting the munchies by now, so take a break and head over to Whac-A-Mole Tacos for some street-style tacos. Afterward, play a few more games and wander around Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier as the sun begins its gradual descent. What could be more romantic than a Santa Monica stroll where every view is a gorgeous ocean view?

Don’t forget to make plans to enjoy the Pacific Wheel—this is one ride you’ll want to save time for! USA Today named the Pacific Wheel one of the most romantic spots in LA. Board the solar-powered Wheel at sunset for a magical turn around the Pier. You’re guaranteed to have the best seats around!


Estimated Cost for Date Idea 2:

Whac-a-Mole—$4.00 per play
Wetzel’s Pretzels and frozen lemonade—2 x $5.25 (pretzels) plus $5.25 (lemonade)
Goblet Toss—$8.00 for 10 balls
Cat Rack—$5.00 for 7 throws
Water Race—$3.00 per play
Pier Planko—$5.00 for 3 pucks
Whac-A-Mole Tacos—3 x $3.25 (tacos) plus $7.25 (burrito) plus $6.00 (chips & salsa)
Pacific Wheel ride—2 x $10.00

Expect to dish out about $83.75.

*Prices for both dates above are estimates and may vary at any time.

Fun Date at Pacific Park

Romantic dates in Los Angeles couldn’t get any easier. Pacific Park has everything you need for a creative, fun, and romantic date. You’ll have a blast at the Park, and we can’t wait to see you laugh and smile with your date!